Coldplay’s Sustainable World tour — Viva la (Green) vida?

For those who slept for the last 3 decades, this is Coldplay (source
They should have written a song about the color Green, not Yellow (source

Square One; Coldplay’s pledge

REDUCE — Reduce our consumption, recycle extensively and cut our CO2 emissions by 50%.

REINVENT — Support new green technologies and develop new sustainable, super-low carbon touring methods.

RESTORE — Make the tour as environmentally beneficial as possible by funding a portfolio of nature - and technology-based projects and by drawing down significantly more CO2 than the tour produces.

When I need a friend; Green Touring’s report

Sustainability in Technicolor; The rating!

“Great” + “Great on paper, needs proof” account for 75% of the solutions!

Every Teardrop is a Waterfall; Towards a greener music/touring industry

Don’t know if it’s sustainable but it does look nice



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